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“Dare to Hope” Review by BluesBlues

Ian Jones is the Baltimore singer-songwriter behind Bombardier Jones as well as an award-winning cartoonist. Jones feels “the new songs say: breathe, dance, play, raise hell, shake your blues away” which is a message sure to resonate with listeners during this turbulent

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Bombardier Jones Calls Us To Reject Hopelessness, Rebel Against Anxiety and Get Wild, Dare To Hope Album Now Available Indie Music Discovery Folk rocker and master song crafter Bombardier Jones has been rockin’ the Washington DC/Baltimore, Maryland music scene since the

“Dare To Hope” Review by Vinyl Chapters

Blending rock, country and folk, Dare to Hope aims to take the listener on a journey through Americana-tinged stories of hope and despair.  Bombardier Jones, aka Ian Jones, knows how to create a sound and spread it through an entire record. It’s not easy to develop

“Dare To Hope” Review by Dancing About Architecture

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by the company that they keep. You can similarly tell a lot about a musician by the people they call on to play on their record. Dare To Hope features a host of names, people who have played with everyone from

“Great Idea” Review by Independent Artist Buzz

“Great Idea” is the lead track off of Bombardier Jones’ latest album Dare to Hope, which was released on April 24, 2020. In this track, Baltimore-based frontrunner Ian Jones blends 60s British rock and 80s post-punk into a refreshing burst of rock and roll energy that takes
good idea

Dare to Hope, Dare to Breathe

Bombardier Jones blends rock and roots in 10 songs about staying cool and getting wild.
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Steel Strings and Iron Curtains

In their native Czech Republic, Kryl and Nohavica are known for powerful, politically-minded & existential lyrics that inspired generations living behind the Iron Curtain.
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Interview: That Philip Stevenson is not a household name is "to be frank, just plain silly."

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The rediscovery and artistic rebirth of Claudius Linton, aka Kingman, is the reggae resurrection story of the decade.

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HAIL TO THE CHIEF, CARIBBEAN STYLE A new voice has joined the 2008 presidential debate.