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Album cover art for Dare To Hope

Bombardier Jones

Bombardier Jones blends rock and roots in 10 uplifting songs about staying cool and getting wild.
steel strings and iron curtains

The Yehla Collective

The first-ever English-language recording of the famous songs that ignited the downfall of Communism!
azalea philip stevenson

Philip Stevenson

Two beautifully recorded slabs of the finest psychedelia from Philip Stevenson. Limited edition double-vinyl.
bombardier jones

Bombardier Jones

The coffeehouses and rock clubs of the 1990's indie scene echo through ‘60s-tinged tracks of heartbreak and redemption for hapless heartbreakers and hopeless romantics.
outside the sun philip stevenson

Philip Stevenson

A swampy, low-down acoustic session from Philip Stevenson (Carnival of Souls, Quinine). Limited edition vinyl.
peat biby - on the marc

Peat Biby

Electronic musician Peat Biby turned his long daily commute on the MARC train into a musical laboratory.

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Album cover art for Dare To Hope

“Dare to Hope” Review by BluesBlues

Ian Jones is the Baltimore singer-songwriter behind Bombardier Jones as well as an award-winning cartoonist. Jones feels “the new songs say: breathe, dance, play, raise hell, shake your blues away” which is a message sure to resonate with listeners during this turbulent

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Bombardier Jones Calls Us To Reject Hopelessness, Rebel Against Anxiety and Get Wild, Dare To Hope Album Now Available Indie Music Discovery Folk rocker and master song crafter Bombardier Jones has been rockin’ the Washington DC/Baltimore, Maryland music scene since the

“Dare To Hope” Review by Vinyl Chapters

Blending rock, country and folk, Dare to Hope aims to take the listener on a journey through Americana-tinged stories of hope and despair.  Bombardier Jones, aka Ian Jones, knows how to create a sound and spread it through an entire record. It’s not easy to develop

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