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"The reggae album of 2008. This is truly a reggae album of monumental proportions and a lesson to the younger roots artists." - DJ Greedy G, NE1-FM 102.5 UK

"This project represents the first new music from the early master in years. American reggae fan Ian 'Jonah' Jones joins forces with one of the great originators from the golden age of reggae, Claudius Linton... Recorded in Jamaica with top session players, there's a relaxed 'country' feel to the playing... Linton returns to recording as though 30 years had not gone by and reminds us what a great voice, writer and talent he is... I give thanks for the spirit in which this work was recorded, Jonah's loving treatment of Linton, and the sound of Linton's voice, still amazing after all these years." - Chuck Foster, "The Beat" magazine

"We have all heard of Marley, Cliff and Tosh but many of the founders of reggae are lost in the sands of time. Ian Jones (Jamaican handle - Jonah), a journeyman musician, collaborates with founder Claudius Linton, known as Kingman, on his 2008 comeback CD, 'Sign Time.' (The CD) is the real reggae deal and reunites Kingman with the band heard on his classic singles. Sonically excellent, the CD was produced by Jones and recorded at the legendary Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studios. I was lucky enough to meet Claudius and, with hurricane Ike blowing across the Caribbean outside, swap a few songs recently in Negril and the man blew me away. Since the release of this CD, Claudius is rightfully returning to the world music stage and we are richer for it." - Greg Forest, Hill Country Happenings

"If there's any rust on Linton's game, it isn't apparent on 'Sign Time,' an eclectic, heartfelt mix of reggae, blues, and country akin to Toots & The Maytals... Linton's penchant for conscious lyrics remains intact, as biting, anti-war titles like 'World War III,' 'Star Wars' and 'Baghdad' attest... "Star Wars" is not only the highlight of the album, but it's one of Linton's best compositions of all time, balancing a sobering nuclear disarmament message with a soaring, horn-driven musical groove. Jones adds a bit of a Sting vibe (and) a sparkling array of legendary musicians solidifying the high-level content." -

"As if Jones hadn't done enough with 'Roots Master,' he convinced Linton (Kingman) to return to the studio to record again, with him (Jonah), for the surprisingly spry 'Sign Time'... 22 years has done zero damage to Linton's mellifluous vocal chords, full of butter and syrup still. And the all-star oldster band assembled for Marley's old Tuff Gong studios ... ensures that 'Sign Time' has a vintage feel/touch/throb despite cleaner '00s recording." -Jack Rabid, The Big TakeOver magazine

"A deeply heartfelt and soulful mix of roots reggae and acoustic balladry. I’m not sure how these two hooked up, but they sure do bring out the best in each other. Linton's Jimmy Riley-like tones blend with Jones’ bluesy coloring in a manner that’s rough but perfect... The promotional materials draw comparisons between Claudius Linton and such masters as Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Culture. Pretty weighty parallels, but Linton lives up to them." - Tom Orr, (France)

“A rare gem has been unearthed in Claudius Linton, otherwise known as Kingman... The Sign Time and Roots Master CDs are musical treasures spanning over 30 years of reggae. As bands like Rancid, The Aggrolites, Bedouin Soundclash, and Saint Alvia Cartel have fused roots influences with the soul of their new music, it’s no doubt that the world will find in Kingman and Jonah the heritage from where it all started.” - Dixon Christie, Publisher,

"One cheers for this revival project... The result surprised me. Classic roots tunes, with Linton and Jones harmonizing throughout in the soulful tradition reggae fans have become accustomed to... On "Baghdad," Linton takes a current topic and, with acoustic guitar in hand, crafts a sorrowful paean to the dying that is remarkable both for its melancholy and its vaguely experimental production. The likes have never been recorded by a Jamaican artist..." - Mark Williams, DC Soundclash

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