Cha Cha Cha

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© Walter Carlton

You've heard of emo-core. Now make way for ENORMO-CORE. Fat beats. Big bottom. Jonesamatic is two chubby guys with a lot of technology.

Siamese twins searated at birth (a lovechild of Beck and Bevis Frond), Jonesamatic fuses the electronica-fueled drums, loops, trumpet and keys of Peat Biby with the distinctive voice and guitar of Ian Jones.

Jonesamatic Cha Cha Cha is a self-recorded variety pack of all original songs and soundscapes. But this ain't no lo-fi ho-down. Jonesamatic arises from the breadbasket of indie-rock, Arlington, Virginia. Jones recorded such platters as Tuscadero's Pink Album (Teenbeat/Elektra) and other 90s darlings at his Evil Genius Audio Labs, while performing with Eggs, Bombardier Jones and others. Biby honed his drum skills in DC indie bands like Lorelei and Vanity Champ while remixing the Pietasters, the East Coast Boogiemen and Lida Husik at his Enko Studio.

They met as the touring rythm section for oddball indie-popsters Viva Satellite. Now they have united to bring you more sound per pound.

Think Beck. Think They Might Be Giants. Think Jonesamatic!

Review: "Five stars! Great sound mix! These two mix it up perfectly on this CD, sound and fury and reality and emotion all together. Quite original!"