Bombardier Jones

Bombardier Jones is the band that has played the music of Ian Jones for the past decade. Starting with the release of "This is the King of Suck" in 1996 and the acclaimed semi-acoustic "Dustbowl" cassette album in 1997, Bombardier Jones rocked and rolled around the Washington DC area through the turn of the century. The ever-changing line-up of the band found its happy place with Ian on guitar and vocals, Tom Kane on bass and Chris Zogby on drums.

"The crazy cool meld of rock, funk, rockabilly and folk that makes up the Bombardier Jones repertoire is an excellent reason to visit this crew while playing live. The strange personalities and dry humor merely add to the experience," said DC Music Web. "Going more for mood than glitz, Jones's songs are personal and intentionally rough around the edges. Jones has his own sound and is making his mark with great songs and an honest approach," wrote Songwriter Circle.

But what we like to hear is what the fans say:

"You seem to be having such a great time onstage. Y'all really rock out!"

"Your music is sticking to me big time. The music is original, inventive, playful and just dynamite to listen to..."

"Every time I listen to your music, a deep chilll of satisfaction runs through my body..."

Thanks, y'all. Look for more Bombardier Jones music soon. Meantime, check out Ian's solo record, coming in 2009 on