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bombardier jones

Bombardier Jones

Can’t Conquer Me

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Bombardier Jones’ infatuation with mid-60s British rock and early ’90s post-punk can be heard blending and colliding in the warm, all-analog tones of Can’t Conquer Me. The coffeehouses and rock clubs of the 1990’s indie scene echo through 11 original tracks of heartbreak and redemption for hapless heartbreakers and hopeless romantics, from the mid-tempo torch rock of “Andover” and the hippie lovefest “Heartbreaker” to the Pixies-ish “See You Tonight” and the explosive punk-vs-psychedelic “Secret Admirer.”

Rounding out the set is a selection of folk, blues, bossa nova and straight-ahead rockers that underpin soaring melodies with captivating arrangements. Producer Philip Stevenson (Carnival of Souls) adds a distinctive ambience to this torchy material.

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Andover (Bombardier Jones)